Crossing Borders Together: ATWB International Postcard Art Exchange Begins

Posted: October 17, 2010 by arttherapywithoutborders in art therapy, collaboration, projects
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The interest for Art Therapy Without Borders’ International Postcard Art Exchange has been amazing! Our deadline for participating closed Friday, but we were pleased to see that word spread quickly across social networking sites and blogs to reach many in the international art therapy community.

Our exchange will include over 350 art therapists and art therapy students participating from Singapore, India, France, Scotland, Slovac Republic, Canada, Ireland, Australia, the UK, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Belgium, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hungary, Honduras, Chile, the United States, South Africa, Germany, Peru, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Indonesia, Jamaica, Portugal, and Hong Kong. How exciting is that?

During this six month global event, members from the ATWB, International Art Therapy Organization, and Art Therapy Alliance communities will be swapping postcard art with 20-25 art therapists and art therapy students living all over the world. On the back of everyone’s postcard art, participants will also be writing about their work as an art therapist/studies as an art therapy student where they live. This exchange will be a creative way to learn more about art therapy & the work of art therapists worldwide, as well as an opportunity to facilitate even more connection within our community!

You can follow postcards received by Art Therapy Without Borders via our Facebook page as they arrive in our mailbox from destinations around the world!

We look forward to crossing borders together through this exciting mail art collaboration!
  1. Creusa Brigatti says:

    Is there a chance I can still participate in the International Postcard Art Exchange? I know the deadline closed last Friday, but…. I’d love to represent Brazil in this event! Thanks for considering my request! Blessings from Brazil.

  2. Katrín Þ. Þórðardóttir says:

    I plan on adding Denmark and Iceland on the list of countries next time around.
    Congratulations with this beautiful project.

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